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"Skilled-professional" Robotics Software Engineer Career Guide


Course curriculum: 1️⃣ Internship Application ⚙️ Should you apply for an internship or a full time job? ⚙️ Craft your first Internship CV ⚙️ Craft your first Internship Cover Letter ⚙️ The ideal internship company ⚙️ How to actually find an internship 2️⃣ Tailor your job application ⚙️ Job Tracking ⚙️ Craft a tailored CV ⚙️ Craft a tailored Cover Letter - Robotics Software Engineer ⚙️ Craft a tailored Cover Letter - Robotics Researcher ⚙️ Apply for jobs 3️⃣ Job application ⚙️ Prepare your CV ⚙️ Create your Master CV - Simple Version ⚙️ Create your Master CV - Customizable Version ⚙️ Beginner Resume Case Study: Computer Vision CV ⚙️ Prepare your portfolio ⚙️ Create your Master portfolio ⚙️ Job tracking ⚙️ Apply for jobs ✅ Get full curriculum below: ✅ 💥 💥


Job Applications -"Skilled-professional", €79.00 + €10.00 Joining fee


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