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Learn Robotics and AI aims to provide students with quality content in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, that focuses not just on content but also on the structure of learning. The core philosophy behind Learn Robotics and AI is that the best way to learn engineering fields is by building projects and being actively engaged with the content rather than passively consuming it. In this spirit, we aim to explore, identify, discover and share with you the Best Way to learn Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



The ways, methodologies, and systems that the universities use to teach engineering has been fixed since the beginning and little to no effort has been made to rethink the way engineering is taught and to restructure the learning frameworks adopted. While online coursewares offer global access to advanced courses, they are fundamentally based on the same learning systems that are used in universities. This leads to an infinite amount of content with no standardized structures, systems, strategy and framework to allow anyone to learn efficiently and in an engaging way.

In an attempt to solve this, we aim to Conceptualize frameworks to provide students with the best ways of learning Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


The long-term vision of Learn Robotics and AI is to deconstruct and understand the ways the human mind learns advanced engineering fields and provide students with the most efficient and engaging ways to learn. In the future, we aim to develop the most advanced, yet user-friendly learning platform in the space of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and provide you with the most efficient and engaging frameworks to master Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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