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"Self-taught" Robotics Software Engineer Foundations


Get access exclusively to the "Setting the foundation" module from the course "Become a self-taught Robotics Software Engineer" Setting the foundation ⚙️ Mathematics foundation ⚙️ System Setup ⚙️ Linux fundamentals ⚙️ Git fundamentals ⚙️ Programming foundation ⚙️ Tensorflow fundamentals ⚙️ OpenCV fundamentals ⚙️ ROS 2 Crash Course ⚙️ The module contains a curated list to resources* to build foundation in mathematics ⚙️ The module contains a curated list of resources* to learn python, C++, git, linux, tensorflow, OpenCV, and ROS 2 By the end of the module, you will have: ✅ set up your software and hardware system ✅ built a strong mathematics foundation ✅ built foundation in professional software tools such as git, linux commands, python, C++, tensorflow, OpenCV and ROS 2 *The list of resources provided consists of courses, YouTube videos, tutorials, books, etc. and are screened and curated by me personally after several hours of research. However, new study materials for learning these concepts are not provided (nor are any additional materials necessary to become a professional Robotics Software Engineer) ✅ Get full curriculum below: ✅ 💥 💥


Setting the foundation, €59.00 + €10.00 Joining fee


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