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Become a self-taught Robotics Software Engineer - Part 3


I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to become a self-taught robotics software engineer/ machine learning or computer vision engineer. I can say this so confidently because of the following reasons - 1) Realize that M.Sc./ M.Tech in Robotics/ Data Science/ Machine Learning are just starting to become mainstream. This was not widely taught as a specialization even 5 years ago. But the industries still employed machine learning engineers. Most of the people had to learn it on the job because one or more projects at their company required that. 2) There are countless examples of people who switched from mechanical/ electronics engineering to software engineering. Software engineering is at the core of AI. 3) For a new job, you have to learn new skills anyway. Even if you have prior experience in, let's say, computer vision, you have to deal with certain tools and frameworks that are specific to the company. So, you are learning on-the-job anyway. 4) A candidate who demonstrates their skill-set acquired by doing projects on their own shows self-initiative and that they have the ability to work independently and are disciplined enough. Such a candidate will often even stand out in comparison to other candidates. 5) At the end of the day, a company values the right skill-set in a candidate. Such a skill-set can be developed by taking part in practical projects. If you have a portfolio of projects that you developed, that is demonstration of work experience.




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